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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The new ‘normal’ in police state America: SWAT teams order innocent Americans out of their homes at gunpoint – Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) – In a police state, citizens have no rights and can be ordered around at the whims of a militarized police force whose goons run around in black uniforms, terrorizing the populace. Welcome to Boston, 2013. The police state is running wild in this city, and it has reached the point where innocent families are being ordered out of their own homes by screaming, aggressive, ‘roid-head SWAT teams armed with overwhelming firepower.
This is what has emerged from a secret YouTube video that had to be covertly filmed while ducking behind a window.
Click here to watch the shocking video.
But this was only the beginning of the police state action. In a desperate manhunt for the suspects involved in the Boston marathon bombing, Boston police rolled down neighborhood streets in armored assault vehicles, aiming guns directly at citizens and completely abandoning every applicable provision of the Bill of Rights
As this one photo shows, one member of the local police aims his M4 rifle directly at the homeowner taking the photo from a second-story window:

This was all done under the justification of “exigent circumstances,” which means, according to the police, that the government can ignore ALL laws and ALL due process and simply do whatever it wants.
If the police wanted to loot all your jewelry, steal your car and rape your cat, they could have gotten away with it by claiming “exigent circumstances.”
The media reported that all these searches were “voluntary,” but the truth is that this is raw tyranny, unfolding right here in America, where the government does whatever it wants because it has all the guns and the population is completely defenseless to say “No!” (And with this in mind, the government now wants everybody across the country to be completely defenseless and disarmed!)

Why Bostonites welcome police state tyranny

Of course, these people who live in Watertown, Massachusetts love to live under police state tyranny. They hate the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and personal privacy. They hate private citizens owning guns to defend themselves, and they love to see ultra-militarized police pointing guns at them and ordering them out of their homes.

That makes them feel “secure.” As long as the government has all the guns, it’s all okay, you see: breaking an entering, kidnapping of homeowners, the threat of the use of violence against those who refuse to comply… these are all signs of “security,” according to Bostonites.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg couldn’t agree more. In a frightening statement that seems yanked right out of “1984,” Bloomberg now says the interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change” to allow for more security and less privacy:
We live in a complex word where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.”
Keep in mind that Bloomberg surrounds himself with armed guards when he’s out in public, but he doesn’t believe in your right to defend yourself with armaments. It’s just one small example of the runaway hypocrisy being shoveled at the highest levels of government.

“Lockdown” means martial law

During all this, the city of Boston was in an undeclared state of martial law. The government tried to put a nice-sounding spin on it by calling it a “lockdown” that urged residents to “shelter in place.” What they didn’t explain, however, is that anyone who refused to comply could be arrested, detained and interrogated.
Remarkably, the local residents complied! Hiding in their homes, shivering with raw fear, 400,000+ Bostonites were scared out of their minds by one armed teenager! So they let the police take away all their rights and turn their city into a Constitution-free zone.

They probably loved it, too, as some can be seen on local news reports worshipping the police and thanking them for trampling all over their rights and freedoms.
Why not just bow down and lick their paramilitary boots? Why not launch a new “Church of Government” and perform worship services every Sunday that depict the local police as gods?
These people are beyond pathetic. They are the antithesis of what America was founded on. They are, literally, anti-Americans.
And it’s not surprising that they were harboring a couple of terrorists, too. They were popular guys, partying with the locals and reportedly having a lot of local friends. That’s not surprising because terrorists and socialists go hand in hand. They agree on almost everything: freedom is bad, killing people is good, and the rules and laws don’t matter. Both terrorists and socialists agree that carrying out their agenda is far more important than abiding by any laws, rules or “rights” of citizens.
So I’m actually not surprised the Tsarnaev brothers were recruited and trained in Boston. It’s hard to think of a better example of a city where the people are just begging to be overrun by violence in one form or another.

What happens when “exigent circumstances” goes national?

There’s a bigger question in all this, by the way: What happens during an economic collapse or larger-scale event that impacts the entire nation? Does the federal government just declare “exigent circumstances” on a nationwide basis, then start yanking families out of their homes anywhere it wants?
Is this proclamation — “exigent circumstances” — supposed to magically nullify all laws, rules, due process and rights of private citizens? Because it DOESN’T. The Constitution does not become null and void solely because a bunch of armed goons are chasing down one armed teenager. The Fourth Amendment is not nullified just because a bunch of people (allegedly) got their legs blown off by some mad bomber.
The government cannot pick and choose when the Constitution applies, yet with each passing day that spineless people like those in Boston roll over and let the police state bully them around at gunpoint, our freedoms erode just a little bit more.
That’s exactly what people like Bloomberg, Biden and Obama really want, of course. And that’s why the more bombings occur, the more government grabs power and turns the citizens into slaves.
Source: Natural News
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