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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wanna hear voices in your head - Get a new cell phone!

MWC 2013: A photo tour of the biggest event in the mobile world - Neowin

Click on the above link to see all the 'cool' gadgets that will make your life easy (or just turn you into a compliant drone for the NWO). One that caught my eye was the following promo for a new cell phone that projects the voice right into a person's brain, so you can hear the voice (or voices) even in a loud environment.  These technologies prove, for one, that the human body is an organic computer, that can be controlled by electrical impulses just like any computer. Secondly these are the type of technologies that will turn people into zombies and be instrumental in bringing about the 'Mark of the Beast' world in the near future. This technology is called Voice to Skull and has been covertly used for decades to terrorize people, and turn them into automatons (programmed killers in many cases.)

Hearing Voices = Voice to Skull Technology

You might never have heard of Kyocera, but they were among many manufacturers who launched devices at MWC. Their two new handsets feature the company’s proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver technology.
The devices feature no outward speakers, and instead transmit vibrations through the facial tissue and directly to the ear drum. The manufacturer claims that this technology makes it possible to easily hear a phone call in even the noisiest environments. At least one Kyocera device featuring the new technology will launch on Sprint in the US this year.
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