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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

News Headlines Mar. 12, 2013

  • US threatens Pakistan with sanctions over Iran gas pipeline The US has threatened Islamabad with sanctions over Pakistan’s partnership with Iran to construct a section of a gas pipeline. Washington said that the much-delayed $7.5-billion project violates sanctions on Iran, a claim denied by Pakistan.  
  • Falklands vote to remain part of Britain Falklanders have voted to remain a British Overseas Territory, following months of political tensions between Britain and Argentina over the fate of the islands. Three decades ago the two nations fought a short war over the disputed territory. 103
  • High cost of cheap energy: Fukushima tragedy 2 years on Two years after the Fukushima disaster, much of the clean-up effort is still ‘theoretical’, survivors go to court for compensation and thousands march against nuclear power, while the government gives up on the phase-out promise. 21

Thailand's Michael Michai Kitbunchu walks on St Peter's square after a cardinals' meeting on the eve of the start of a conclave on March 11, 2013 at the Vatican (AFP Photo / Johannes Eisele) A mix of high tech gadgetry and old world tradition ensure secrecy as Vatican enforces tight security in preparation for Tuesday’s papal conclave, including a scrambling device under Michelangelo’s fresco and bug sweepers in the Sistine Chapel. 11

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