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Friday, February 1, 2013

Robbing the 99% to enrich the 1%: UK’s poorest families face hundreds of percent tax rise

Under the UK government’s austerity program millions of low income households are facing a hike in their council tax bills of up to 333% a year. New changes are to be introduced this April, while Scotland and Wales chose not to implement the cuts to benefits.
The UK benefits system is about to undergo it’s most radical restructuring since the introduction of the welfare state after the Second World War and many families will be pushed further into poverty, a new report by the Resolution Foundation think tank reveals.
The biggest shakeup will be in Council Tax, a tax paid by households to local councils, which is not decided by income. Currently people on low paid jobs or the unemployed can apply for Council Tax Benefit (CTB), effectively exempting them from paying the tax.
All other means tested benefits will be streamlined into one national system, which will be called Universal Credit (UC), a move welcomed by the report’s authors.
CTB is a national scheme and provides assistance to nearly 6 million low income families in the UK; but as of the 1st April 2013 CTB will cease to exist.
 Read More: UK’s poorest families face hundreds of percent tax rise — RT

Jobless Rowe wears a sandwich board advertising his search for employment as he walks along Fleet Street in central London. (Reuters / Kieran Doherty) 20.01, 02:31 59 comments

Benefits Britain? Unemployed households among highest in EU

The UK has some worst figures for households where no one works in Europe. The latest statistics also indicate that Britain’s lower unemployment rate may hide a sub class who prefer a life on benefits.
AFP Photo / Spencer Platt 04.12.2012, 08:07 16 comments

Brits pay most taxes in the world - study

A new study has revealed that households in Britain pay some of the highest tax in the developed world leaving the country “in the worst place to facilitate the creation of an aspiration nation” according to charity, CARE.
East London (Reuters/Eddie Keogh) 06.11.2012, 17:34 43 comments

UK govt forcing poor families out of London - survey

London authorities plan to eject low-income families from the city and relocate them hundreds of miles away. Skyrocketing housing costs and benefit cuts have made it impossible for disadvantaged families to live in the UK capital.
Eurozone crisis
Demonstrators hold placards during a protest march organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), in Oxford Circus, in central London October 20, 2012 (Reuters / Suzanne Plunkett) 20.10.2012, 22:11 26 comments

No Cuts! Tens of thousands turnout for British anti-austerity protests (VIDEO)

Nurses, teachers and off duty policemen marched with anti-war activists, politicians and the unemployed in a massive protest against the Conservative led Government’s austerity measures, which they say are killing Britain.
Reuters / Olivia Harris 03.08.2012, 13:52 7 comments

Budget cuts hurt British economy - study

The British economy won’t begin to recover until 2014, as government’s cuts and the euro crisis slash demand which is a key driver for UK economy growth, is the conclusion of a study prepared by a leading UK think tank.
United Kingdom, London: A woman takes a picture during a street party near Tower Bridge during the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames in London on June 3, 2012. (AFP Photo / Justin Tallis) 19.07.2012, 17:49 1 comment

UK tax watchdog: Britain needs $102 billion in austerity cuts

Britain will need another $102 billion in tough austerity measures to cope with an ageing population, the UK’s tax and spending watchdog has warned.
Eurozone crisis

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