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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pope Resignation and other Prophetic News 02_13_13 - Video

Talk LastDays focuses on the Scriptures relating to Bible Prophecy and the Last Days/End Times, before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Last Days. DESHPAL Paul SANDHU of discuss and analyse news, events and scripture with respect to the Last Days that we are living in.

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  1. If that lightning that hit the Vatican was Satan falling from heaven, it's not looking good because he can't even fly straight. And the beast out of the bottomless pit is going to be piloted by a drunken whore. I can't see that being able to walk in a straight line either. The beast out of the sea probably comes up so quickly that he gets the bends. That might be why there's got to be another beast out of the earth to do all the work for him while he just stands there speaking great things and getting worshipped. You'd have to be silly in the head yourself to trust the devil.