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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egypt Army chief warns of 'collapse of state' as troops deployed to 'protect' Suez Canal — RT

Egypt Army chief warns of 'collapse of state' as troops deployed to 'protect' Suez Canal — RT
Egyptian Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah Sissi has warned that the failure to resolve the political crisis currently gripping Egypt could ultimately lead to the “collapse of the state.”
­Sissi made the declaration on an official army Facebook page, and said that future generations could be endangered by the enduring conflict.
His comments were made as Egypt deployed military troops to cities on the Suez Canal, a major trading route connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. Sissi said that his primary motivation behind the dispatching of troops is the protection of this key waterway, which allows ships to cross the waterways without having to traverse all the way around Africa.
“The army's deployment in Port Said and Suez provinces aims to protect the vital strategic interests of the state, at the forefront of which is the vital Suez Canal,” he said.
Egypt has seen 52 deaths in the past week alone as violent protests erupted in three major canal cities: Port Said, Ismailia and Suez. Islamist President Mohammed Morsi responded by declaring a state of emergency in the cities, and imposing a 9:00pm curfew for residents.
So far, this curfew has largely gone ignored. Shops and cafes remained open in the three Suez cities, and thousands protested, chanting anti-Morsi slogans throughout the night. Local media reported that 590 people were injured on Monday.
Following the declaration of the state of emergency, the Egyptian cabinet approved a law enabling President Morsi to deploy the army to “help police maintain security and protect vital state institutions.” The law instructs the army to operate as a police force, rather than a military force, and requires that detainees to be sent to civilian, not military, courts.
The army will remain a “solid and the cohesive block,” Sissi said, warning that the political, economic, social and security problems facing Egypt comprise “a threat to the country's security and stability.”
An Egyptian protester flashes victory signs near a police vehicle on fire in Cairo's Tahrir Square on January 28, 2013 (AFP Photo / Mohammed Abed) Today: 01:59 17 comments

Two shot dead in ongoing Egypt clashes (PHOTOS)

A young man has been shot and killed in clashes near a police station in Port Said. Another person was killed in Cairo as violence continued across Egypt, despite the state of emergency and the curfew currently in effect in most volatile cities.
Egypt unrest
Egyptian protesters confront riot police near Cairo’s Tahrir Square on January 28, 2013 (AFP Photo / Khaled Desouki) 28.01, 14:42 32 comments

Egyptians protest curfew as clashes continue after Morsi’s ‘emergency’ announcement (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of three Egyptian cities in defiance of President Mohamed Morsi’s declaration of a curfew and state of emergency announcement.
Egypt unrest
Egyptian protesters run for cover after throwing stones at riot police during a demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square on January 26, 2013 (AFP Photo/Mohhamed Abed) (AP video from Cairo) 27.01, 15:58 68 comments

Morsi declares state of emergency in Egypt after 7 people die in fresh clashes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has declared a 30-day state of emergency in Egypt and called for national dialogue, after ongoing clashes and protests led to the deaths of 49 people and left hundreds injured.
Egypt unrest
Egyptian protesters and fans of al-Masry football club take part in a demonstration in front of the prison in the Egyptian Suez Canal city of Port Said on January 25, 2013, calling for the prisoners who are suspected of killing 74 fans of al-Ahly club during a football match in February 2012, not to be transferred to Cairo to attend their trial. (AFP Photo) 26.01, 12:26 49 comments

Over 30 dead, army deployed in Egypt as riot flares up in Port Said after stadium stampede death sentences (PHOTOS)

32 people have been killed, including two policemen, and more than 300 injured during a riot in Egypt’s Port Said. The army has since been deployed, where a crowd attempted to storm a prison after death sentences were handed out for a past riot.

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