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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Arab Spring continues to spread: Thousands join in Kuwaiti opposition demo as election looms

Tens of thousands of protesters have joined a Kuwaiti opposition march on the eve of the parliamentary election. The people are calling for a boycott of Saturday’s vote, outraged at the recent electoral law change. ­With what appears to be the largest demonstration in Kuwait’s history, an unlikely coalition of liberal factions, youth groups and conservative Islamists sent a message of public discontent to the ruling Al-Sabah family. Friday march is the first government-authorized protest rally in Kuwait since a ban on political gatherings was announced earlier this month, RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports from Kuwait City.
Organizers have promised a peaceful march, though fears of breakaway groups trying to confront security forces were reported. “People are now being jailed for expressing political criticisms. What kind of democracy is this?” protesters shouted as they marched through the streets with orange ribbons and banners.

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