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Friday, November 9, 2012

Weather Modification at work? Record Snow as 200,000 More Power Outages Strike Northeast US

Northeast digs out from snow, gas rationing expands

More than 10 centimetres of snow covers the Wollman Rink in New York's Central Park Thursday after a storm struck with high winds and heavy precipitation. Many of the same communities affected by superstorm Sandy were hit by the cold weather. Photograph by: Chip East, Reuters , Reuters
By Shepard Ambellas  November 8, 2012
Parts of the Northeastern US were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in the last week, causing widespread damage and knocking power out for upwards of 10 days.
Now, residents are battling a new storm front that has brought record early snowfall, extreme winds, and temperatures.
As many as 200,000 homes reportedly lost power Thursday morning as a result of the storm.
Residents along the coastline of New York and New Jersey were evacuated. No one knows for sure how many more will be displaced.
This is a massive Nor’ Easter storm that has struck before the usual season, differing from the normal weather patterns that we usually see.
NBC reported record snowfall totals that were recorded across the area:
  • New York’s Central Park received 4.4 inches of snow on Wednesday — a record for a Nov. 7 and the earliest 4-inch total in the park’s history, reported. By Thursday morning the total had reached 4.7 inches.
  • A record snowfall of 2 inches was set at Newark, N.J., breaking the old record of a trace amount set in 1981.
  • Bridgeport, Conn., received 3.5 inches of snow, beating the Nov. 7 record of 2 inches set in 1953.
Some areas inland got 12 to 13 inches of snow.
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