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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sacrifing human lives on the altar of PROFITS: The true cost of cheap Walmart clothing

At least 121 people have been killed in a fire at a multi-story clothing factory in Bangladesh. Night shift workers jumped out of the building's windows after fire blocked off escapes and the factory became filled with suffocating smoke.
­The death toll from the blaze on the outskirts of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka rose after rescuers discovered more bodies in the ruins.
“We've found 112 dead bodies this morning,” Mohammad Mahbub, a fire brigade director, told AFP. “We resumed our search this morning and found the bodies lying on different floors of the factory building.”
Fireman battled the flames for over five hours after the fire broke out late Saturday. The inferno began on the ground floor, trapping night workers inside the seven-story building.
The workers' relatives frantically searched for their loved ones. Sabina Yasmine, a worker at another factory, told AP she found her daughter-in-law dead, but couldn’t locate her son.
“Oh, Allah, where's my soul? Where's my son?” Yasmine wailed. “I want the factory owner to be hanged. For him, many have died, many have gone.”
Read more: Fire at Bangladesh clothing factory kills at least 121 (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT

Burned alive: Over 300 killed in Pakistan factory fires (PHOTOS)

Deadly fires have gutted two factories in Pakistan, killing at least 314 people. In both incidents, the blazes trapped many employees. Police are raiding homes searching for the factories' owners.

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