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Friday, November 2, 2012

Revelation Revealed - Sounding of Trumpets 1-4 (Revelation 8): Meteors and Asteroid impacts with Earth! Paul Sandhu on Curtner-Kerr radio show 11-01-2012

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The 2 most important portions of Scripture concerning End times Prophecy are Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation. Matthew 24 provides the chapter headings and the Book of Revelation provides the content of these chapters. Matthew 24 is like a movie trailer and the Book of Revelation is the feature length film.
In this series, Paul Sandhu from Signs of the End Ministry - do a parallel study of verses of Scripture from Matthew 24 and corresponding chapters from the book of Revelation to decode the mystery of End Times Bible Prophecy. By doing so it will be possible to establish a timeline in which the prophesied events will transpire which will help to dispel much confusion that presently reigns in the body of Christ in regards to Bible prophecy.
Approximately 25% of the Bible is prophetic; a vast number of Biblical prophecies have already been fulfilled but a great number of them, particularly relating to the end of this world, are yet in the future. These prophecies are found throughout the Bible but are specially concentrated in the Gospels in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and in the Book of Revelation. The world will not end suddenly without warning, the end will be preceded by unmistakable signs but these signs will only be recognized by those who are watching and praying for understanding of the signs and of the times. This world is destined to pass through progressively worsening and more catastrophic stages as the prophesied events transpire over the next few years and decades..."

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