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Saturday, November 24, 2012

LIBYA 2 coming to Syria? ‘Syria may witness a humanitarian intervention scenario’

NATO’s potential deployment of the Patriot missile system in Turkey near the Syrian border is clearly meant for a larger scale intervention – and potentially to secure a no-fly zone, political activist Yazan Abdallah told RT.
­Furthermore, if the conflict escalates, it would be “a military intervention based on the humanitarian crisis.”
RT:If the request is granted, is it the first step towards implementing a no-fly zone?
Yazan Abdallah: It could well be a sign that there could well be some kind of limited intervention, especially that we’ve been hearing the EU countries – especially Britain and France – advocating such intervention recently, where they have been talking about limited scale intervention. However, how comprehensive and how an all-out war style this is going to be, I think this is not going to be a war style. It will be a war of attrition that is not going to threaten the Syrian government with sudden intervention. They know very well this is going to ignite a response from the Syrian side that may trigger a lot of chaos in the region.
RT:NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen says that any possible deployment of Patriot missiles would be "purely defensive." But, with an increasing amount of Western political backing for the rebels in Syria, do you think it could eventually lead to military intervention?
YA: Well, whether it is defensive, we heard what Mr. Lavrov said – it was interesting to listen to his theatric analogy today, when he said when we see a gun in the first act in the theater of the play, then it’s very likely to shoot by the third act.
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Patriot anti-missile batteries installed at the Diyarbakir military airport in southeastern Turkey (AFP Photo / Mehdi Fedouach) 22.11, 15:19 49 comments

Lavrov: Patriot missile deployment in Turkey will lead to further regional destabilization

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed strong reservations after Ankara said it would request that NATO deploy Patriot missiles along the Turkey-Syria border.
(AFP Photo / Miguel Medina) 22.11, 14:33 45 comments

Syria presents foreign fighter list in bid for UN to acknowledge terror acts

Syria has presented the UN Security Council a list of 143 foreign citizens killed in Syria fighting government troops. Damascus hopes the move will force the UN to declare the presence of foreign nationals in Syria to be international terrorism.

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