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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is late election coverage by media suggesting a Romney win?Freudian Slip: Candy Crowley Calls Him 'President Romney'

Editor's Note: I've noticed that lately the mainstream media has being giving very favorable coverage to Mitt Romney, and seem to be forecasting a Romney win; for example, Candy Crowley of CNN called him President Romney, and ABC published a list of what his cabinet would look like plus numerous other reports by Reuters and other mainstream News agencies, the wording of which suggests that they are forecasting a Romney win. I would not be surprised if Romney does win but I believe it will result in protests and rioting across the US by Obama supporters.

CANDY CROWLEY, HOST: You have in Ohio a jobless rate that is better than the nationwide jobless rate, and you have an auto bailout that the President put in place that's highly popular. What is it in this state that makes you think that President Romney, uh, sorry, Governor Romney can overcome those particular statistics and the feel of the voters?
SENATOR ROB PORTMAN (R-OHIO): I like your Freudian slip on President Romney. That sounded good.

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