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Monday, November 5, 2012

In the footsteps of Hurricane Sandy: US East Coast Braced For New Storm!

Struggling New Yorkers are being warned to stock up and stay indoors as a new storm threatens to batter the US east coast after Sandy. A nor'easter with gusts of up to 55mph is expected by Wednesday, bringing the threat of more heavy rain, snow and flooding. National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Pollina warned: "Prepare for more outages. Stay indoors. Stock up again."
Sky News weather producer Joanna Robinson said: "There's still some uncertainty about the exact path of the storm, but the nor'easter could produce heavy rain, heavy snow and strong winds." "The new storm wouldn't be as severe as Sandy, but even so it could be an intense storm that will hamper recovery work in areas affected by Sandy - for example strong winds could bring down trees that are already unstable." Some residents in northern New Jersey still dealing with the impact of Sandy were woken by a 2.0 magnitude earthquake, with some homes reporting shaking or a large boom - but there were no reports of damage. Large swathes of New York City have been getting back to normal but now face the challenge of thousands of commuters, students and motorists - forced out of their cars by fuel shortages - descending on public transport systems not fully ready for them.
At the same time, government leaders are grappling with a daunting longer-term problem: where to find accommodation for the tens of thousands of people whose homes could be uninhabitable for weeks or months because of a combination of storm damage and cold weather.
Wrecked home in Queens
New Yorkers like Kathy Lahey could face extended time in temporary housing

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