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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Satellite Photos: Before And After reveal extent of destruction to NJ shoreline

While New Yorkers living south of 34th Street have to live in cold and dark for an indefinite period of time (ConEd has been firm electricity will be restored by the weekend, it has been far more vague just which weekend it had in mind), the biggest devastataion from Sandy took place further south, primarily along the New Jersey coastline. In order to get a sense of the devastation that has taken place, we present images from the NOAA's satellite photo tracker, which shows aerial comparisons of the Jersey and Delaware coastline before and after. Because while one can contemplate navels in very broad terms if any wealth is created or destroyed due to Sandy breaking many windows at the macro level, any and all people who lived in the affected territories below will have a far more practical answer to this stupid question.

Mantoloking before:

Mantoloking after:

More pictures: Hurricane Sandy Satellite Photos: Before And After | ZeroHedge

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