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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hewlett-Packard takes $8.8 bln charge | Video |

EDITOR'S NOTE: How on Earth does a huge multinational corporation like HP not realize that there are billions of dollars of ACCOUNTING ERRORS (FRAUD) being perpetrated by their accountants. This same script is played out time and again, and in the end it is the common shareholders and the general public that pays for such 'Errors'. The common shareholders lose their dividends and stock valuations, and the general public pays by 'BAILOUTS' as these corporations like GM and Chrysler and the Big Banks line up at the public trough for handouts like swine at a cesspool. Why does the Media cover up these 'White' collar crimes by using terminology such as 'MISLEAD INVESTORS' whereas it is plain that what is happening is outright theft? Steal hundreds and go to jail; steal billions and get billions more through bailouts! What has the world become?

Nov 20 - Hewlett-Packard saying it found ''serious accounting improprieties'' at software firm Autonomy which appear to have been part of a willful effort to mislead investors and potential buyers.

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