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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hell In New York Media & Politicians Ignore Chaos, Looting & Deaths

Despite the federal government attempts to pretend that everything is under control; parts of New York have devolved into absolute chaos and anarchy.
From gas lines that stretch for miles to wide spread looting, robberies and violence; The Rockaways, Queens and Coney Island look more like a war zone than they do part of New York. City Councilman James Sanders (D-Far Rockaway) is warning that his district may soon slip into complete anarchy.
He told the New York Daily News:
“We have an explosive mix here,” said Sanders. “People will take matters into their own hands.”
The Rockaways
Without Garbage Services, Trash piles up on the streets of the Rockaways

With media coverage turned towards the elections, many New Yorkers will likely die as temperatures plunge into the 30s and an estimated 1.9 million homes are still without power. It’s really pretty sad, and really highlights how totally unprepared and useless the government really is during a disaster.

Government Inaction: Generators and Supplies sit on the side of the road unused as millions struggle to stay warm…..
Generators for the New York Marathon  
Unused Generators brought in for the New York Marathon

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