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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Division in the ranks for US' Israel policy? US won’t follow Israel “like a stupid mule” - Brzezinski: Is Brzezinski giving voice to Obama's implicit policies?

Leading US strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski rejects Israeli pressure to form American national security policy by beating the drum for war on Iran. Washington would not blindly follow Tel-Aviv if Israel chooses to unilaterally strike Iran, he said. Brzezinski said he would not advise President Barack Obama to back military action against Iran if Israel initiates a war. The observation was made at a conference hosted by the National Iranian American Council and the Arms Control Association. In the event that Israel attacks Iran before Iran crosses the US red line, Zbigniew Brzezinski does not think there is any “implicit obligation” for the US “to follow, like a stupid mule, whatever the Israelis do.” “If they decide to start a war, simply on the assumption that we will be automatically drawn into it, I think it is the obligation of friendship to say “you’re not going to be making national decisions for us”, declared Brzezinski. “I think the US has the right to have its own national security policy. I think most Americans would agree with that. And therefore clarity on this issue is important and especially if we commit ourselves, explicitly and bindingly, to Israel’s security,” the strategist said. Brzezinski explained that he advocates a formula “designed to freeze any threat into a non-threat.”

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