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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are race wars being fomented in US by Liberal Media? Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You'

Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time Friday might have said one of the most disgraceful things uttered during the 2012 campaign season.
"If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you"...
Imagine for a moment the outrage if a conservative commentator said even jokingly to Obama supporters, "White people know who you are and they will come after you."
That would be the end of that person's career. Period. No questions asked. Done!
But Maher who's adored by the Obama-loving media can say this with total impunity.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: HBO should be ashamed to have this disgusting man as one of its on air personalities. Period. End of story.

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  1. When everything blows up, I wouldn't be worried about the blacks or even the criminal gangs. Blacks are used to being kicked in the head anyway. Who the criminals are will do an about face overnight. Gangs are the most vulnerable of all people. They'll be shot for meat and nobody is going to miss them or say anything about it. Not saying a criminal doesn't deserve it. I'd be more worried about decent suburban model citizens. People with a sense of entitlement who end up with no food are the ones who will sneak into their neighbour's house and shoot them and put them in the freezer. They come first. They should survive. They're good people. Trust not in a friend.