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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rampant looting after Superstorm Sandy: New York homes and businesses hit by looters

New York home and business owners have yet another thing to worry about, just one day after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast. The city has been hit with looters hoping to cash in on pricey goods left inside abandoned buildings.
Police have arrested at least 13 people in connection with looting.
The stealing is not out of necessity – in fact, no acts of looting for food or water have been reported. Instead, the thieves are swiping clothes and electrical goods in New York’s hardest hit areas.
One of those areas is South Street Seaport – a historic part of town located near Manhattan’s financial district. The storm knocked out plate-glass windows from several stores, providing a playground for looters looking for easy merchandise.
“I saw two people walking by the Ann Taylor store and reach in and take some shirts that were just laying right there by the mannequin,” a local man told the New York Post. “It’s really messed up, man. They’re really taking advantage.”
Looters also scored fancy gadgets at a nearby Brookstone store before police arrived to stand guard in the area. 
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