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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is Hurricane Sandy a HAARP engineered Weather Modification / Weather Warfare Manufactured Storm?

Check out the original post for videos on HAARP and Hurricane Sandy:
Hurricane Sandy is making its way up the East Coast and the conspiracy theories are starting up. HAARP has long been believed to be the shadow government’s way of manipulating the weather, and this is being rumored to be another instance of it. I’ve been working on a HAARP post that was technical in nature, but I’m not fully done with it. In light of the Hurricane Sandy, here is the short and early version of it (scroll past all of it to find some videos of recent Hurricane Sandy HAARP claims circulating-including Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory HAARP episode):
In light of the worst weather and storms in centuries, one could suppose it was climate change effects, or some point to HAARP. But are the conspiracy theorists crazy for believing this? It sounds sensational, but no, they aren’t crazy; HAARP is very much capable of controlling the weather.
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