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Friday, October 5, 2012

India: The epicenter of Child Sex Trade in the world

Editor's Note: Pedophilia and the Child Sex Trade are ancient abominations that have polluted the world for thousands of year. 3000 years ago it was written in the Bible that girls and boys were being trafficked for something as trivial as a bottle of wine. Sadly this practice is not limited to India but prevails in every nation in the world, especially amongst the ruling class. This is the reason why there is little enforcement of laws or little protection offered to children by the 'authorities'. In most cases, the 'authorities' not only facilitate these practices, they actively participate in sexual acts with these innocent and exploited children. Sadly for most of these children there will be no escape or justice in this world but there is a Higher power who will bring all to justice in His Court on the Day of Judgment. Then we shall who the 'authorities' can bribe to escape punishment, equal in proportion to that which they have inflicted on these helpless victims!

Joel 3:3 And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink.

My recent article titled The Jerry Sandusky Child Sex abuse case; Homosexual Pedophilia is the 'Norm' not the exception at the highest levels of Govt. and Industry addressed the subject of pedophilia, particularly homosexual pedophilia at the highest levels of the US political establishment, reaching even to the White House. The Excellent but heart - wrenching documentary Conspiracy of Silence is linked below, and well worth the watch, even if it churns your stomach, to the truth of what goes on in our world that most people believe to be a sterile and harmless place!
Child Sex Trade from Boys Town, Nebraska to The White House

Campaigners in India are demanding that authorities step-up efforts to battle what has become a real plague for the country - sex-trafficking. Hundreds of thousands of girls from poor families are being brought to major cities like Mumbai with promises of good jobs, but ending up in brothels.
That is exactly what happened to Rashmi. She is young but she has gone through more than most girls her age. Rashmi was coerced to leave her village for the bright lights of Mumbai only to find she was heading for life in a brothel. “He said he would sell me off once we reached Mumbai,” she says about the man responsible for her ordeal.
With little value placed on girls from poor families, it is thought more than a quarter of a million women are trafficked in India each year. Some are as young as nine, and come from the rural areas of neighboring Nepal.

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