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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holocaust Now: the grinding agony of the Greeks under their corrupt Govt. and Troika imposed Austerity!

By Richard Cottrell
Contributing writer for End the Lie
A Greek riot police officer kicks a protester that was trying to calm other protesters down during clashes in Athens’ main Syntagma square, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police in central Athens Wednesday as a major anti-austerity rally degenerated into violence outside Parliament, where the struggling government was to seek support for new cutbacks to avoid a disastrous default. (Image credit: Lefteris Pitarakis/Cryptome)
With media eyes mostly trained on Syria, the slow motion destruction of Greece, a fully-fledged EU member state, goes largely unremarked in the corporate sheets. Whenever it does appear, the lazy hirelings who pose as journalists these days reserve their ink for ‘mobs’, ‘thugs’ and ‘hooligan anarchists’ terrorizing those saintly guardians of law and order, the infamous ranks of the Greek police and riot squads whose reputation is if anything far worse than street gangs roaming pre-war German cities. Persons, including children and the elderly, beaten and tortured in police stations, murdered by active duty policemen on the streets, are such depressingly familiar events that Greeks have learned to keep a respectable distance from the guardians of law and order.
Greek policemen famously do not keep the peace as much as break it on an appropriately heroic scale alongside cohorts from the Deep State. These agencies are between them responsible for the majority of the violence at public demonstrations against the Troika-imposed choking of Greeks and their economy.

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