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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fresh Fire Exchange: 'Syria-Turkey flashpoint could create WW3'

Published on Oct 5, 2012 by 
Turkey has warned Syria against making what it calls a fatal mistake by repeating strikes across the border. Turkey fired back Saturday morning after another mortar struck its territory from Syria. No casualties have been reported in the latest exchange, which comes just days after 5 Turkish civilians were killed by Syrian shelling. Officials say the two countries are close to all-out war, with Ankara now authorized by its lawmakers to send troops into Syria, if necessary. Foreign mediators including Russia are calling for calm and restraint. This comes as fighting between government forces and rebels intensifies across Syria, with insurgents claiming to have shot down a military helicopter and a jet. Author and journalist Afshin Rattansi says Damascus will retaliate, if pulled into a broader conflict. READ MORE:

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