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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Flash Gordon comes to the US Navy as it gears up to deploy laser weapon in two years — RT

The US Navy’s research office expects that ship-based laser weapons will be ready for deployment in two years, which is two years ahead of previous estimates. But this futuristic weaponry may face setbacks in the form of looming budget cuts. “We’re well past physics,” Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, the chief of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), told Wired Magazine’s ‘Danger Room’ blog in an interview after announcing his expectations.
“We’re just going through the integration efforts,” he added. “Hopefully, that tells you we’re well mature, and we’re ready to put these on naval ships.”
Earlier, the ONR promised that in two years they would have a working prototype of a laser weapon capable of shooting down drones, cruise missiles and speedboats. The weapons would not be finalized for deployment for four years at that rate. The ONR head is now saying that field testing of laser weapons has been “very successful,” mentioning a run during which the Navy brought down drones with the prototype lasers.
Klunder, speaking at the ONR’s biennial science and technology conference, also expressed confidence that Navy ships would be able to handle the power requirements for firing these high-tech weapons. “I just need to know on this ship, this particular naval vessel, what are the power requirements, and how do I integrate that directed energy system or railgun system,” he said.
This US Navy photo shows how members of the Directed Energy and Electric Weapon Systems Program Office, of Naval Sea Systems Command, fire a laser through a beam director (AFP Photo / US NAVY / Handout)31.03, 16:4443 comments

Burning beam target: US Navy may deploy lasers in four years

The US Navy hopes to have operational laser cannons on their ships within the next four years. They will be used against fast-moving targets like cruise missiles, speedboats and drones.
image from, 12:042 comments

Military flash lasers underwater to make bang!

US Navy researchers want to use a special laser to remotely generate sound underwater. It can be used for communication with submarines, sonar imaging and confusing enemy subs.


  1. so here comes the Star war like wars .... the future is fighting with laser guns (???) few months back US DoD has successfully tested this LAWS and announced that it had downed a drone. What about fighter jets??? supersonic jets can this down them tooo????

    1. Directed Energy Weaponry is fare enough advanced that it can take all conventional machines like fighter jets, and even ICBMs out. Conventional weaponry like planes and tanks are now the smokescreen, the real weaponry is all Energy weapons like lasers.