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Friday, October 26, 2012

Expect more Rotten results from APPLE as Tech consumers tapped out!

Editor's Note: Technology companies like APPLE are in for a world of hurt, as is the Stock Market that depends so heavily on these behemoths like Apple, Microsoft and Google. The fact is that there aren't enough consumers left in the US / Western world that need their products anymore, so they cannot possibly grow at the rate they did in the past. Therefore it is logical to conclude that these companies will suffer as will the wider Economy that has become so dependent on their perpetual growth model! SELL APPLE, buy OIL is what I would do if I was a big Hedge Fund manager!

(Reuters) - The biggest names in consumer technology, stung by a string of disappointing quarterly results this month, are suiting up for what's shaping to be the fiercest holiday battle in years.
Investors and consumers have already largely written off flaccid quarterly numbers from tech behemoths like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon. What counts is the next 60 days, when the biggest names in technology do battle at a near-unprecedented scale and pace.
Just on Thursday, Amazon compared its Kindle Fire with Apple's new iPad mini, point by point, in its earnings release, an unusual forum to name rivals. Apple CEO Tim Cook compared Microsoft's Surface tablet to an over-engineered car that can fly and float. And Microsoft went for the iPad, saying its Surface boasted twice its storage.
All three tablets will vie for the shrinking consumer dollar these holidays. By tech standards, it's getting ugly.
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