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Thursday, September 13, 2012

QE to Infinity: Death of the SYSTEM and of the Dollar announced by Ben Bernanke today

XaiUx As Predicted, Bernanke Launches QE3 ... Which Will Destroy the Economy

The bottom line is that the Fed panicked. It is extraordinary that the Fed would announce an open-ended "we'll print as much as it takes, as long as it takes" policy. Chairman Bernanke is sending a signal to the markets and to government that the economy is bad and getting worse and that the Fed will do its part as everyone expects them to do. This is a clear signal to the markets and the world that the Fed stands for monetary inflation. They don't know what else to do.

That begs this question: If QE1 and QE2 and Operation Twist didn't work, why would QE3 work? The quick answer is that it will fail like its predecessors.
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We predicted last week that Bernanke would launch QE3 this week.
Today, the Fed announced that it will buy $40 billion dollars of mortgage-backed securities per month … indefinitely.  
Today, the Fed announced that it will buy $40 billion dollars of mortgage-backed securities per month ... indefinitely.  
This is just another bailout for the big banks. (If the government had instead given money directly to the consumer, we would be out of this economic slump by now).
Bernanke claims that the main justification for QE3 is to boost employment.  This is slightly ironic, since Bernanke's policies are largelyresponsible for creating high unemployment in the first place.
The real justification is to try to artificially prop up asset prices.  But that approach has been proven to be an absolute failure.
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In my previous post Desperation Bazooka Tactics; Gold Soars Following Huge Headfake, I mentioned "This seems like desperation bazooka tactics. Specifically, the Fed is in a panic state over jobs.I am not the only one to come to that conclusion. Saxo Bank economist Steen Jakobsen sent out a post moments ago, FED Did Panic......
 They are now doing 'open ended' bond buying - no finite time or amount...hence this will go down as QE Extreme. I remain of the view this is final phase...
 I'm long stocks, gold, short us dollars next 24-48 hours but ..on the anniversary for LEHMAN... tonight could be the day where FED did too much.
 Low yield and monetary policy stopped having an impact two years ago, tonight could be the night where after the rally low rates no longer impact stock and risky asset - the only cheap asset right now is: money ...every time this has been the case in history it has ended in bubble and tears.  

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  1. When the oil price was $147 it brought the system to its knees. They don't really need much more money printing or threats of Middle Eastern war to get it up past that and set off another crisis. Maybe oil should be $30 a barrel and with the money printing so far it's up to $100. With war in the Middle East it would probably go to $300 very quickly. I can't see hyperinflation actually happening because it would have to go from $30 to $300 to $3000 to $30000 etc. Will they print that much money? The world will have to be locked down militarily long before that. It's just about ready wrap up now.