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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Israel being isolated? Netanyahu denied meeting with Obama after lashing out at US | Prelude to a major Middle East War?

Are Muslim countries in the Mideast being signaled that Washington is ready to abandon Israel? This will surely lead to a major conflict in that region that may lead to World War 3!

The White House has shot-down a request from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with US President Barack Obama later this month, a rejection that comes right after an unusually hostile statement directed towards the United States.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is not expected to meet with Mr. Obama later this month when the Israeli PM comes stateside to visit the United Nations in New York City, despite a plea recently extended to the White House. Reuters report that Netanyahu’s office had requested a meeting with the American commander-in-chief, but that staffers for the president don’t seem interested in entertaining the idea.
"[T]he White House has got back to us and said it appears a meeting is not possible. It said that the president's schedule will not permit that,” an Israeli official tells Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Washington has denied that they flatly refused Israeli PM Netanyahu's request for a meeting and that a scheduling conflict was the catalyst in the decision. On the heels of a series of publicized disagreements between the two allies, however, the rejection is being seen by some as a response motivated by something much different.
a test firing of an Iranian Nour missile from the Islamic republic's first domestically-manufactured destroyer, named Jamaran, off the southern shores of the Gulf. This is the first time a Nour missile is launched for testing from the locally-made warship.(AFP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi)04.09, 19:15167 comments

Iran plans to deploy warships off US coast

Iran says it will counter US presence in its waters by sending ships to the international waters off the US coast, says Iranian Navy chief Admiral Sayyari.
Iran tension
Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb) 29.08, 06:4841 comments

'Obama puting off Iran invasion until November'

President Obama has managed to avoid war with Iran, but his wars still could come back to haunt him, Andrew Levine, a scholar at a Washington think tank told RT, exposing the pitfalls of the US electoral system and Obama's term in the White House.
Election 2012
Kaspersky Lab has found a new Trojan virus which has been spying on hundreds of users in the Middle East (image from, 20:1720 comments

Stuxnet, Flame...Gauss: New spy virus found in Middle East

A new virus dubbed Gauss has attacked computers in the Middle East spying on financial transactions, emails and picking passwords to all kind of pages. The virus resembles Stuxnet and Flame malware which was used to target Iran, Kaspersky Lab says.
 Israel Aerospace Industries displays the Arrow II weapon system (AFP Photo / Pierre Verdy)05.08, 12:5138 comments

Israel upgrades missile shield over Iran, Syria fears

Israel is upgrading its ‘Arrow II’ missile shield over fears of possible attacks by Iran and Syria. The ‘Block-4’ upgrade is currently being installed and deployed across the country, a senior Israeli defense official said on Sunday.
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan)30.07, 19:3639 comments

Panetta and Israel to discuss war plans against Iran?

Israeli officials are denying reports that the White House has provided them with a contingency plan in case of a showdown with Iran. Nevertheless, the head of America's Defense Department is gearing up for a week of talks in the Middle East.
MANAMA, Bahrain — Four U.S. Navy mine countermeasures (MCM) ships arrived in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations aboard M/V Tern, June 23. (Photo: U.S. Navy)03.07, 19:3564 comments

US ramps up Gulf forces to scare off Iran

The United States is rapidly escalating its military presence in the Persian Gulf to deter Iran from shutting off the Strait of Hormuz or striking out at regional enemies.
Iran tension

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