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Friday, September 21, 2012

Iran 1979 Redux: Pakistani protesters try to siege US embassy, clash with police

Will there be another Hostage Crisis like that in Iran 1979 that will bring Mitt Romney to power as it did Ronald Reagan, and boot Obama out as happened to Jimmy Carter?
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Pakistani police have fired teargas and used batons to repel over 1,000 protesters trying to march on the US Embassy in Islamabad. Official Mohammed Iqbal says the protesters are mainly students.
Eight police officers have already been reported as injured.
The US embassy in Islamabad is located in an enclave that houses several government offices. Police used shipping containers in an attempt to block access to the enclave. The British and French embassies are also located on the premises.
“Demonstrators tried to enter some embassies, but they were stopped by police, who have called for reinforcements from the Rangers and the army because [the protests] were out of the control of the police,” said RT Arabic correspondent Tariq Mohiyuddin.
AFP reported that Police have fired live ammunition in the air in an attempt to disperse the crowd, and that some students are armed with wooden clubs.
"I was ordered by my boss to disperse the crowd and that is why I had to open live fire, but the aim was nearby trees and not the demonstrators," Zaman Khan, a police officer deployed at the protest said.
The live fire reportedly scattered the protestors temporarily, but they soon returned, pelting the police with stones.

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