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Sunday, September 23, 2012

iRage: Apple's FoxConn China Plant Damaged As Riots by Apple's Slave Labors Resume

EDITOR's NOTE: APPLE maybe the world's most valuable company and its executives may be making zillions in bonuses but the workers in their Chinese factories have a nasty habit of rioting on a regular basis, and even committing suicide because of the fantastic Profit-sharing plan that Apple has implemented for its Chinese they're paid labor force. These laborers are paid so well that they can easily afford 1 meal a day on the wages for 18 work days that they get. They are even given a day off once a month or so. So overwhelmed are they by the generosity of APPLE, the world's most valuable company that some of them even climb up to the roof of the plants where they are employed and jump off (for joy I'm sure!) All ye iphone 5 coveters out there, keep in mind what makes APPLE the most valuable company in the world - it is not their iPhones, it is their labor costs (or lack thereof!)
Following the riots at Apple's FoxConn Chengdu plant in June, engadget is reporting thatFoxConn's Taiyuan plant - the scene of earlier strikes over salary disputes back in March - has suffered damage as workers riot. Police are on site to control the crowd and while the motive is not clear, it is apparently unrelated to the recent anti-Japan protests. It appears - based on the clip and photos below - that much damage has been done in the process.

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