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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eurozone Power Grab by Bankers: The Stealth way to steal the sovereignty of nations!

Editor's Note: Human beings by nature are evil. One of the safeguards of protecting one group of human from another is through dividing them into clans and nations. People that crave power, crave it not to benefit their fellow man but to exercise control over them. CONTROL is the drug that makes power hungry men and women high, it excites them, turns them on; someone said that 'Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely'. So if there is one individual or one group that exercises power over a clan or a nation, they cannot exercise that same power and control over another clan or a nation unless the very concept of clans and nations can be done away with completely. And that is now being done stealthily in Europe by the completely manufactured by design Eurozone Financial Crisis; Power hungry megalomaniacs are working feverishly to fulfill their dream of controlling all of Europe, and eventually the world. Sadly their dream is a Nightmare for the masses as is evident in Greece. The more the Troika takes control of Greece, the greater the pain felt by the majority of Greek people. So as nation after nation falls in Europe to the control of madmen that would rival any James Bond movie villain, the pain that will be felt by the majority will be excruciating!  
The current generation of Europeans and Americans and Japanese and even Chinese and Indians have had a relatively stable, and even prosperous existence since World War 2. This generation is not ready for slave labor camps and will resist the New Europe / New World Order. Therefore the most likely outcome of the end of the current Global Financial Crisis is the end of the current Baby Boomer generation; this generation is in the crosshairs of the NWO and most of them will be exterminated before the nightmarish 1984 world of the dreams of Bankocrats that run the world are fulfilled. So this crisis is not just about money, it is about sovereignty and a coming World Government that will make George Orwell's 1984 look like a Disney movie. _______________________________________________________________________
Wolf Richter
When French and Dutch voters were given an opportunity to vote for the European constitution in 2005, which would have transferred considerable sovereignty from their countries to the European government and its unelected bureaucrats, they “unexpectedly” killed it. They wanted to hang on to their sovereignty. An unforgettable lesson for European politicians: don’t let the riffraff decide. Such matters are best handled by the elite—politicians, bankers, and unelected bureaucrats. And on Wednesday, they were busy handling such matters.
In the morning, Andreas Vo├čkuhle, President of the German Constitutional Court, announced that two of the main Eurozone survival strategies, the ESM bailout fund and the Fiscal Union treaty, would “most likely” not violate the constitution (press releaseflash analysis). By rejecting the plaintiffs’ efforts to block the laws, the Court allowed Federal President Joachim Gauck to sign them; and they’d become binding international treaties.
Thus, the Court nodded with a stern smile on the transfer of sovereignty from parliament to unelected bureaucrats within the European Union government. For the fifth time—after waving through the EFSF bailout fund in 2011, the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, the introduction of the euro in 1998, and the Maastricht treaty in 1993. Each time, it added conditions that gave plaintiffs a pretext to proclaim victory and try again next time. True to form, Peter Gauweiler (CSU), one of the most vocal plaintiffs, called the decision a “giant success“ and “legal sensation”; the conditions would make it more difficult to turn “the ESM into a bottomless barrel,” he said.
Chancellor Angela Merkel slapped herself on the back, complemented the justices—”The Court goes the way that also guided me,” she said—thanked those who’d supported her, including the opposition SPD and Greens, and told the rest of the world that Germany was carrying its share of the load. Alas, in a poll last week, 54% of those who’d be carrying that load wanted the Court to stop the ESM and Fiscal Union treaty. Only 25% wanted the Court to wave them through.
And then the noose tightened further on national sovereignty in Europe, and particularly in the Eurozone. 

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