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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Economic News: Bank of Japan does the QE thing again (for the 10th time) / Eurozone is fixed (or maybe not!)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Shouldn't someone ask the BOJ that if QE didn't work the first nine times, why would it work the tenth? Hey Mr. Bernanke, if you want to see how well QE works, take a look at Japan! Japan is finished as an Economic powerhouse, and may well be finished as a nation if it embarks on more military adventures as it did before WW2. And who knows what the long term effects of Fukushima will be? The Japanese elites are building a little Japan on the East coast of India, and it has been speculated that this is being done because Tokyo will eventually be so contaminated from Fukushima radiation that it will be uninhabitable. We will wait and see what happens.

In regards to Europe, there is EuropoPhoria every couple of weeks as the ECB and politicians jawbone pretending that all is well. However reality sets in quickly and the WORRIES return. There is no need to worry, the Eurozone is a mess that no one can fix unless the banks write off all their debts and the debt meters are reset to zero. Since that is unlikely to happen, let's stop pretending that there is a solution to these problems and let the whole System go to pot. Every man for himself, save yourself Europeans, for your governments will sacrifice you on the altar of their bankster gods as will the Americans and the Japanese and the Chinese and the Indians and....

(Reuters) - The Bank of Japan is ready to expand monetary stimulus again even after this month's action and may ponder new steps if necessary, board member Takehiro Sato said, warning of global uncertainties that could push the economy into recession.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, Sato also said Japan may not achieve the BOJ's 1 percent inflation target as early as the central bank had hoped, issuing the strongest warning to date by a policymaker of risks to the country's recovery. (WHAT RECOVERY MR. SATO? Japan has been in recession for 20+ years now!)
(Reuters) - World shares fell sharply and the euro hit a two-week low on Wednesday as growing opposition to measures aimed at resolving the euro zone's debt crisis unnerved investors already worried about weak global economic growth.

The selling focused on Spain, where the main share index fell 3.5 percent.IBEX and yields on 10-year bonds rose back to six percent, as doubts grew about Madrid's commitment to reform due to violent protests and talk of secession by the wealthy Catalonia region.

A general strike in Greece and signs of discord among top euro zone officials over new policies to tackle the crisis added to investor concerns, taking the gloss off recent moves by the European Central Bank to calm the markets by buying bonds.

"Markets have realized despite reducing a large number of tail risks the ECB's program is not the solution to all the problems in the euro area," Philip Shaw, economist at Investec, said. (Hey Mr. Philip Shaw - Are you that dense that you are only now realizing that the ECB does not have the solution to the region's problems? That no Central bank can resolve the fundamental problems of any Economy! Or being an Economist, is your job to obfuscate and lie because your income depends on it? And you only acknowledge the truth when there is no way to avoid it?)

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