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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Brother is Watching you - And there ain't no place left to hide!

EDITOR'S NOTE: George Orwell 1984 has become synonymous with the term 'Police State'. Even Orwell could not possibly have visualized the extent to which modern technologies would make it possible for Big Brother to watch us. The apparatus of forming the most fearsome Police State in the history of mankind already exists, the only thing left is for Big Brother to come out of shadows and openly declare the arrival of the modern day Police State that would make Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia look like paragons of Freedom and Equality!

Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of power.” – Daniel Webster, United States Senator and Secretary of State (1782-1817)
I see a lot of articles about the massive growth of surveillance and loss of privacy. The authors of the articles often say they’re concerned that a “big brother” society might be the result of it.
Might?  You can absolutely count on it!  If you’re a betting person you can bet big and win big, if you can find anyone gullible enough to take your bet, that is.
Technology gives authorities more power and I think we all know authorities love power.  That’s why they’re authorities.  People in positions of authority have more privileges and perks than the rest of us.
From some Barney Fife-type right up to the president, people who get power like it. They want to keep it, and they want more of it.  And that is precisely what technology does.
Take the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents for example.
One day they are unemployed, then they answer an ad on a pizza box and almost overnight they have real authority, real power, and they can instantly turn your life into a nightmare.
If one of those minimally trained rookies singles you out as suspicious because of something they thought they felt when they groped you, or a shadow they thought they saw in your x-ray, the full weight of the legal system can come down on you immediately – including handcuffs, strip searches, and detention.
So in essence, everyone in the chain of authority is your master, no matter how low their official rank may be, because they can cause armed police to appear and take you away.  People with very little training, no knowledge of the law, and no actual police experience now have enormous power over all of us.  To make matters worse, the TSA is expanding its operations.
George Orwell, author of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, wasn’t clairvoyant, he was just wide awake.  He could see technology advancing, and being keenly aware of human nature, he knew what was coming.  And it is.
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