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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The True Face of Democracy in the 21st Century - Despotism by Bureaucracy!

Editor's Note: The well written article reveals the true face of 'DEMOCRACY', a word that is bandied about by both politicians and media as the cure-all for all human ills. But in its application, modern Democracy is anything but freedom - promoting or egalitarian. The following excerpt shows how Modern Democracy is executed in the real world: "When the rose tinted glasses are removed, the state appears as the organized criminal racket it really is.  Those entrusted as “representatives of the people” are really looking out for themselves and their financial well-being.  As government grows and regulatory bureaucracies flourish in size and scope, law formation becomes not just a job for the elected legislature but also of the executive enforcers.  In other words, the same people tasked with enforcing the law are also given discretion over what rules they wish to impose.  These unelected bureaucrats, in a constant effort to validate their positions of authority, will never seek to cut the tax money that is their lifeblood.  Instead, they will spend the whole of their budget every year as they live out their desire to have meaningful employment through crushing freedom.  The people’s will is sold off to ensure a new bloc of state-privileged voters.

Leviathan’s growth by bureaucracy has been occurring all over the Western world but it is accelerating at a worrisome rate in the United States and Europe.  In the 2012 edition of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s 10,000 Commandments which provides a type of snapshot of the American regulatory state, it is documented that federal agencies were responsible for the implementation of 3,807 rules.  These economically destructive regulations were set in stone despite only 81 bills passing Congress and being signed by the President.  Representative democracy has been replaced by the rule of the unaccountable.  In an environment where the power players are shielded from public backlash, the opportunity for cronyism, corruption, and back room deals increases tenfold.  Revolving door politics becomes the norm as the regulators who write the laws end up being employed at the same firms that avoid their punitive nature.
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  1. When I worked for six months in a government job, I saw this trick that they used to get more money. They left the things that were legal requirements until almost the end of the financial year so that after they had spent all the budget they had to get extra funding to do those things that were required by law. They wasted their budget through ignorance and incompetance and then stung the taxpayer for more in such a way that they couldn't be knocked back because they have to fulfil legal requirements.