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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Russian foreign minister once again calling for a diplomatic solution and dialogue within Syria, not war as threatened by Obama and Clinton

Sergey Lavrov (AFP Photo / Lehtikuva / Markku Ulander)

The outcome of the Syrian crisis will have a significant impact on how future conflicts are settled, the Russian foreign minister told reporters, once again calling for a diplomatic solution and dialogue within Syria.
We believe this issue attracts so much attention not only because of the scale of the bloodshed, which worries all of us, but also because the outcome of the crisis will significantly influence the patterns for conflict settlement – either everything will fall in accordance with laws, that is according to the UN Charter, or 'bomb democracy' will prevail,” Lavrov said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.
The Russian foreign minister spoke at a press conference in Helsinki on Monday after meeting his Finnish counterpart. Creating security zones in Syria, like other unilateral actions, will not resolve the conflict there, Lavrov said in response to a journalist's question about such an approach to the crisis.
"I have made a lot of statements on the events taking place in Syria and around it. No unilateral ideas will work," he said as quoted by Interfax news agency. "Effective approaches can only be collective, and a fine example of collective actions is the document adopted at the Geneva conference on June 30, 2012," he added, referring to the resolution signed by the UN, EU and Arab League, as well as a few other regional players, stipulating that all sides in the Syrian conflict must cooperate with UN observers, allow humanitarian aid to be delivered, release detainees, grant journalists access and protect the right to peaceful demonstrations.
Lavrov underlined that all parties to the Syrian conflict must be involved in a dialogue in order to reach a solution, and that any proposal would have to consider the interests of all the country's ethnic and religious groups. “Any other solution will block the possibility of creating a democratic state based on international standards in Syria and would become a threat to regional security,” he said.
The Russian foreign minister also expressed concern about Western powers' inability to reach an agreement on the crisis. He stressed the importance of the Geneva communiqué's calls for both the Syrian government and the opposition to end violence and start talks on the formation of a unity government.
We have managed to get support for the Geneva communiqué from the Syrian government. But our partners haven’t even tried to do something like that; moreover, the main opposition groups publicly rejected the document. Nobody even tried to work with them,” Lavrov said.
Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Brendan Smialowski)Today: 01:14148 comments

Obama threatens to attack Syria

US President Barack Obama has a stern warning for the country of Syria. In an address made early Monday, the commander-in-chief confirmed that he has not ruled out an offensive strike on Bashar al-Assad and his regime.
Syria unrest
AFP Photo / Phil Moore 20.08, 13:5950 comments

‘Increasing evidence West provides Syrian opposition with weapons’

There is growing evidence the Syrian opposition is being “massively” supplied with Western-made weapons via third countries, says a senior Russian diplomat.
Syria unrest
RIA Novosti / Sergey Pyatakov18.08, 18:49114 comments

Military intervention in Syria will lead to catastrophe – Lavrov

Military action in Syria will lead to catastrophe, Russia's Foreign Minister has said. Russia opposes US demands for a no-fly zone over Syria, he said, adding that the solution to the ongoing conflict is the Geneva accord peace plan.
Syria unrest
Algeria's former foreign minister Lakhdar Brahimi (AFP Photo / Ashraf Shazly)17.08, 20:2014 comments

Veteran diplomat Brahimi confirmed to replace Annan as UN's Syria mediator

Former Algerian Foreign Secretary Lakhdar Brahimi will replace Kofi Annan as the United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria, a UN spokesman confirmed.
Syria unrest
Burnt vehicles at the scene of a bomb explosion in central Damascus near the hotel used by the UN observer mission in Syria on August 15, 2012. (AFP Photo)17.08, 18:547 comments

Moscow expresses concern as UN mission in Syria ends

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the decision made by the UN Security Council not to extend the UN observer mission in Syria, while Moscow has scheduled a meeting with the Syrian deputy prime minister.

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