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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Putin calls the U.S. a parasite on Gobal economy | Video |

For those who understand how the Global Economy really works, and who it benefits, PM Putin is just stating the obvious! Not that PM Putin is any better than his Western counterparts, for he himself is just as much a cog in the machine as they are; but these observations stated publicly are setting the stage for a confrontation of cultures, economies, and militaries some time down the road!

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, saying (English): "U.S. economy is one of the locomotions of the world economy, this is an obvious fact, and if over there (in America) there is a systemic malfunction, this will affect everyone. This is not only about countries like Russia and China holding a significant part of their reserves in American securities - although if they fail it will be very bad for us - but this is not even the problem. The problem is that there could be a systemic malfunction in the economy on the whole." U.S.- Russian ties soured during Putin's presidency but have warmed significantly since his protégé and successor President Dmitry Medvedev responded to American call for a "reset" in bilateral relations. Deborah Lutterbeck, Reuters

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