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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama says Midwest drought historic, seeks aid for region | Reuters

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(Reuters) - The worst drought in half a century is slashing U.S. crop and livestock production, President Obama said on Tuesday as he called on Congress to pass a farm bill that will send disaster aid to more farmers and ranchers.
During a meeting of Obama's rural council at the White House, he said the administration will do all it can to alleviate the impact of the drought.
"It is a historic drought and it is having a profound impact on farmers and ranchers all across many states," Obama said.
More than 60 percent of the continental United States, including prime farm and ranch territory, is suffering moderate to exceptional drought. Analysts expect the drought will bring the smallest corn crop in six years. The government will make its first estimate of the fall harvest on Friday.
With the U.S. election three months away, Obama said Congress needed to complete work on a new five-year farm bill. Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives, unable to pass a bill in the lower chamber, proposed a $383 million disaster package for livestock producers before adjourning for the summer.
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