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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mad Max USA? Camden, New Jersey, most dangerous city in the US,fires entire police force

Reuters / Shannon Stapleton
One of America’s most dangerous cities is planning to eliminate its entire police department, laying off all 270 of its cops.
The city of Camden has been struggling with a budget deficit for years. In 2011, it was named the poorest city in New Jersey. In an attempt to save millions, its officials decided to get rid of the entire city police force. Instead residents of Camden will have to rely on the new police department, which will be operated by Camden County. And here is the secret for saving money – the new Metro Division of the Camden County police will not have collective bargaining.
“This is a creative way to break a union and break the financial obligations you have to a union,” Scot DeCristofaro, spokesman for the Camden Fraternal Order of Police, told National Public Radio.
Camden city officials say that the transition is necessary to be able to afford the costs of making the city safer.
The city of Camden has more crime than 97 per cent of cities in the US. The city hosts 1,846 violent crimes per year, with an average of 37 murders, 73 rapes, 713 robberies and 1,023 cases of assault. In 2004, Camden was named America’s most dangerous city, taking the title away from Detroit.
A local newspaper headline announces bankruptcy in Stockton, California.(REUTERS / Kevin Bartram)04.08, 22:5631 comments

Bankrupt California cities slash public services to fund six-figure pensions

As some California cities face bankruptcy, public services are being slashed so unusually high pensions can stay on the books. Stockton’s former police chief rakes in a pension of more than $200,000 a year, while also working another job.
Offices are seen at the San Bernardino City Hall building in San Bernardino, California (AFP Photo / Frederic J. Brown)02.08, 21:5419 comments

Third California city goes bankrupt

With more than $1 billion in debt, California’s San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday. The city, which is the third in the state to go bankrupt in five weeks, blames its economic catastrophe on the 2007 housing crash.
Image from dodgersblueheaven.blogspot.com11.11.2011, 00:185 comments

Jefferson County makes biggest bankruptcy filing ever

Unable to repay creditors a debt of over $3 billion, Jefferson County, Alabama filed for bankruptcy yesterday, the largest filing of its kind in American history.
Pennsylvania state capitall goes bankrupt13.10.2011, 01:315 comments

Pennsylvania state capital goes bankrupt

The capital city of the Keystone State has run out of money. Lawmakers in Harrisburg, PA today voted to file for municipal bankruptcy protection as the state capital of Pennsylvania has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.
Jefferson County, Alabama is in financial trouble.25.07.2011, 21:15

Alabama county considers bankruptcy

As the country’s economy gets flushed down the toilet, a sewage problem in Jefferson County, Alabama is causing local commissioners to consider filing the largest municipal bankruptcy ever in America.

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