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Monday, August 20, 2012

Glenn Beck: Unstoppable economic collapse is imminent - YouTube

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  1. There'll probably be a Steve Keen style debt jubilee where everybody on earth is issued with a big lump of money. All debts will have to be cleared and then they get to keep the rest. The new money system will be truly a fiat system controlled by the beast. We don't have a fiat system at the moment we have a fiat currency and a credit system where banks create money on demand from borrowers and governments don't have any idea how much money is out there. So the choice is coming very soon to participate in the new system or get your head cut off. Personally I don't think bunkering down with bullets and beans is going to help. There's no freedom on the other side of this. The best you could hope for is emerging to a world where the stars are falling from heaven and every island and every mountain is moved out of its place. That's when everyone else will be hiding in the dens and caves of the earth. I hope I'm not still here by that stage. I'd rather get my head cut off. Get it over and done with.