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Saturday, August 18, 2012

EGYPT: Meet the New Boss (Morsi), same as the Old Boss (Mubarak), or worse! Press crackdown: Egypt's Morsi slammed for censorship

Egypt’s president has come under fire for censoring news outlets over charges of 'fueling sedition.' The ruling Muslim Brotherhood party’s move to stifle critics has sparked fears they are adopting the repressive tactics they pledged to abolish.
State prosecutors filed lawsuits against two journalists this week, and an entire issue of opposition newspaper al-Doustour was pulled by state censors. 
NGO The Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development Group decried the move as a “severe blow to public freedoms that strike warning bells about the rights and freedoms in light of the choice of chief editors of national newspapers,” the group said in a report released on Friday.
Critics argue that the censorship is reminiscent of the press repression employed by ousted President Hosni Mubarak.
The NGO report evaluated President Mohammed Morsi’s overall performance since assuming the presidency, and slammed his policies that “crack down on the freedom of opinion and expression” as a reversal of his pledge to improve freedom of speech in Egypt.
Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the US State Department, said on Thursday that Washington was "concerned by reports that the Egyptian government is moving to restrict media freedom and criticism in Egypt."
Morsi’s government rebuffed critics, arguing that the move was aimed at suppressing media reports that incite violence, lead to a disruption of public order and personally insult the newly-elected president.
Mohammed Hussein Tantawi (L), Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (C), Sami Anan (R) (AFP Photo / Egyptian Presidency)12.08, 19:1224 comments

Egypt's president retires Field Marshal Tantawi, cancels new constitutional military powers

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has retired Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, the head of the country’s Supreme Military Council and Chief of Staff Sami Annan. Morsi also canceled constitutional amendments giving the military wide powers.
Egypt unrest
An Egyptian army vehicle keeps its position close to the Rafah border crossing with the Hamas-run Gaza Strip (AFP Photo / Ahmed Mahmoud) 08.08, 07:4633 comments

Egypt fires missiles against suspected militants in Sinai

The Egyptian military has launched an assault against suspected Islamist militants after they attacked security checkpoints along the Egyptian-Israeli border. At least 20 people have reportedly been killed.
Egyptian firefighters and bystanders try to extinguish several cars that caught on fire outside the Nile City Towers during clashes between Egyptian policemen and an unknown mob from a near by neighbourhood in Cairo on August 2, 2012 (AFP Photo / Mohamed Hossam)03.08, 02:352 comments

Cairo police kill man, crack down on raging crowd (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

An Egyptian man has been killed in front of a luxury hotel in central Cairo after police opened fire on an angry crowd of around 500 people. The demonstrators set ablaze dozens of vehicles parked outside the hotel, and had tried to storm the lobby.
Palestinian boys hold a poster of children reading "Rescue Gaza" as another flashes the victory sign near the southern Gaza Strip's Rafah border crossing with Egypt (AFP Photo / Said Khatib)24.07, 03:0058 comments

Egypt lifts 5-year blockade of Gaza, allowing Palestinians free entry

With an Islamist president in power, Egypt has eased longtime visa restrictions on Palestinians traveling from Gaza, ending its longtime assistance in Israel’s siege of the area.
Veiled women in Egypt get their own TV channel (AFP Photo / Khaled Desouki)20.07, 20:0036 comments

Veiled women in Egypt get their own TV channel

A TV channel managed solely by women wearing the niqab or the full-face veil has been launched in Egypt. Now devout women who wear the veil have the opportunity to find themselves a job.
image from youm7.com14.07, 19:552 comments

At least 12 killed as 11-story dwelling collapses in Egypt (VIDEO)

At least 12 people died, as an 11-story building collapsed in Egypt’s second-largest city of Alexandria, reports Al-Arabiya. The building also caused three more nearby houses to tumble with it.

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