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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bank of England slashes UK growth forecast again! What growth we ask? UK bond rally to fizzle out

Editors' Note: The Global Economy is like a Distress Flare; it seems bright one moment as everyone focuses on the flare and forgets that it signals a sinking ship! This is why since 2007, no region of the world has been able to right the ship, let alone see it sail ahead full speed; no country or region has managed sustained growth! So why these analysts, like this irritating Englishman that anchors the Reuters desk, keep harping that there is danger of LESS GROWTH is beyond me? Everything everywhere, the Eurozone, China, India, the US are all contracting not growing. Perennial growth is a mathematical impossibility; just like  a tree can grow only so tall before it starts to die, so too must the Global Economy. The growth of the Global Economy reached its mathematical limit in 2007; all that remains to be seen is how slowly or how quickly it will die. 

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