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Monday, July 2, 2012

Syrian No-go: Rebels won't talk until Assad out - YouTube

Blogman's Notes: When it suits the Western War Machine aka NATO / USA, they label forces opposing ruling governments as insurgents, as Terrorists, and as Enemy combatants not as Guerrillas or freedom fighters. But when it suits their purposes, they label these very same terrorists and insurgents as freedom loving rebels, throwing off the yoke of tyranny, willing to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom! They neglect to mention that these 'Freedom Fighters' are very well financed, trained and armed by Western money and ground support, even air support as in the case of Libya. In the case of Libya, some 10,000 sorties with 100's of thousands of bombs were rained down on the people of Libya to bring them Freedom. Now in an extreme case of Deja vu the same script is being played out in Syria. The terrorists destroying Syrian loving labeled by the Western media as the Syrian Free Army is refusing to sit down for peace talks unless two conditions are met:
  1. The West promises to intervene in Syria, as it did in Libya
  2. President Assad is eliminated from these talks or eliminated altogether, to suffer the same fate as Gaddafi of Libya. 

As I wrote yesterday, nations no longer have the right to self-determination but their fate is decided in war rooms in Washington, London and Moscow. Woe to the world that sits by idly sipping their lattes and drinking their beers even as sovereign nations are openly destroyed right before their eyes!

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