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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reality beginning to hit Chinese banks: More Cracks Appear In The Chinese Banking System

intercontinentalChinese banks shares were hit yesterday on the stock market, led by China Construction Bank (CCB), which fell by 2.95% in Hong Kong on the news that it is the biggest lender to Zhejiang Zhongjiang, which is going bust. Interestingly, three months ago we had a brief mention of Zhongjiang when one of its subsidiaries, Jinxing Property, filed for bankruptcy
This is another case that the risks in the shadow banking system of China is feeding into the formal banking system. Yicai reports that CCB was the biggest creditor of the company among the formal banking peers, which included Bank of China and ICBC.  The total debts outstanding for the company amounted to RMB8 billion, with RMB3 billion borrowed from CCB, RMB1 billion from Bank of China and RMB150 million from ICBC. The company, as the name suggests, is based in Zhejiang, one of the places where the informal lending mess is concentrated in as we mentioned.

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