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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Putin challenges the West/NATO mantra of bombing nations to democracy and Regime changes!

Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti / Mikhail Klimentyev)Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the West for clinging to its influence in the Arab world under the guise of “humanitarian operations.” He dubbed western involvement in Arab affairs as the export of “rocket and bomb democracy.” At a meeting with top Russian diplomats Putin said that certain countries will do anything to retain the influence they have become accustomed to in the Arab world. He stressed that western nations often adopt a one-sided policy in Arab affairs that violates international law.

“We must do everything in our power to coerce the opposing forces in the Syrian conflict into coming to a peaceful solution,” underlined the Russian President. Citing the importance of an active dialogue in Syria, he said “this is, of course, a more complicated and delicate task than just barreling in with military intervention.” Putin added that only a diplomatic solution could lead to long-term peace and stability in the region. Russia opposes any resolution to the Syrian conflict that stipulates the removal of President Assad, maintaining the political future of the nation is the prerogative of the Syrian people. At a summit of UN countries in Geneva last week, diplomats agreed on the adoption of UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan’s new plan for a unified transition government in Syria. The plan states that the unity government should include elements of the opposition, but exclude political figures that put the stability of Syria in jeopardy. Russia agrees with the plan, although Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claims some western nations have distorted the wording of the plan to push for Assad’s forced removal. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims the document specifically calls for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad.

Members of the Syrian Free Army walk in front of a damaged tank in Idlib July 3, 2012. (Reuters/Shaam News Network/Handout)04.07, 16:4420 comments

Russia monitoring situation in Syria to assist compatriots

Following a visit to the embattled Arab country, the Russian Public Chamber said it is closely watching the situation in Syria to evacuate Russians if necessary.
Syria unrest
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listens during a meeting of the "Friends of the Syrian People" at the MFA Conference Center July 6, 2012 in Paris, France (AFP Photo Pool/Brendan Smialowski)06.07, 13:22400 comments

Clinton: Russia and China will 'pay price' for supporting Assad

Russia rejects in the strongest possible terms allegations that it supports President Assad in the Syrian conflict. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Moscow and Beijing must 'pay a price' for backing Assad.
Syria unrest
A member of the Free Syrian Army (The Brigade of the Revolution's Shield) attends a daily training in Sarmada, north of Idlib province (Reuters / Handout)08.07, 19:0652 comments

'Bloody bandits and Western lies: What’s really going on in Syria'

Everything you’ve heard about Syria is a lie says Ankhar Kochneva, a Russian journalist who has seen first hand the realities of the Syrian civil war. Kochneva told RT she has proof a Western invasion of Syria will be launched by summer’s end.
Syria unrest
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) shakes hands with prominent Syrian opposition activist Michel Kilo before a meeting with members of the delegation representing the Syrian opposition at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow July 9, 2012 (Reuters / Sergei Karpukhin)09.07, 14:016 comments

Russia champions Annan Plan amid Syrian violence

At the start of talks with the Syrian opposition in Moscow on Monday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, citing the Kofi Annan plan, called for ending the violence and starting a political dialogue in Syria as soon as possible.

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