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Monday, July 16, 2012

More extreme weather: Powerful tornadoes sweep Northern Poland

(Reuters / Agencja Gazeta)A freak spate of summer tornadoes has torn through northwestern Poland, killing at least one person and injuring 10 more. Tornadoes are not uncommon in the eastern European country, but the scale and strength of the latest storms were unprecedented. Large swathes of forest were flattened, power lines downed and over a hundred homes were destroyed by the wave of tornadoes. The hardest hit areas were the provinces of Kujawy and Wielkpolska. The tornadoes were categorized by meteorologists as class two, with a wind velocity of up to 200 kilometers per hourA 60-year-old man was crushed to death in the village of Wycinki when his summer cottage collapsed during the storms, report local officials. At present over 1,000 rescue workers have been deployed in the region to clear up the debris and restore basic utilities to the hardest hit areas. “I saw a black column coming our way,” a resident of Wycinki told state news. “It carried everything away with it…birds, debris, sucked up water from the lake.
This month has seen Poland hit by a bout of extreme weather, with torrential downpours causing flash flooding throughout the country.
This picture whows a tornado sweeping through Tsukuba city in Ibaraki prefecture, north eastern Tokyo on May 6, 2012 (AFP Photo / Kei Hasgimoto via JIJI Press / Japan Out). Video from the channel of YouTube user 75844006.05, 17:5414 comments

One killed, scores injured as tornado rips through Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A massive tornado has swept through eastern Japan, killing a teenager and injuring dozens of others. The twister ripped roofs of buildings, smashed windows and toppled heavy billboards.
A message is left outside a home which was heavily damages during the May 22 tornado  in Joplin, Missouri (Scott Olson / Getty Images / AFP)24.10.2011, 22:267 comments

American hero denied aid for helping tornado victims

May 22 began as just another work day for Mark Lindquist. A social worker in Joplin, Missouri, Lindquist was making his rounds at client group homes, about to check up on three adult men with Down syndrome. Then came the tornado.
Tornado in Blagoveshchensk. Video from YouTube users TheHeleneda, kumyk107, vitalisudakov (photo from, 18:244 comments

Deadly tornado hits city in Russia’s Far East

One person has been killed and twenty eight others injured as a powerful tornado hit the Russian far-eastern city of Blagoveshchensk.

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