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Monday, July 9, 2012

More evidence of Global Auto Sales Collapse On The Way

Blogman's Notes: The Auto Industry is a bellwether of the Global Economic health. As reported in my June 7 video, Auto Sales Crashing, and going back all the way back to 2009, I wrote on many occasions that there was no recover in auto sales or in the overall Economy. This hard truth that was covered up by all possible means these past 3 years is now becoming impossible to cover up. This is more true in the Auto sector than in any other sector. Auto sales will not go back to pre-2009 levels for another 20 years, if they ever go back to those lofty numbers. More signs of the Global Economic Collapse that is now developing faster and faster all over the world. Brace yourselves! And make sure to wear your seatbelts!
Global Auto Sales Collapse On The Way

Anecdotes are personal by definition, and thus cannot tell the full story. However, anecdotal evidence is in sync with a collapse in new manufacturing orders globally as noted in Plunging New Orders Suggest Global Recession Has Arrived (same as link at top, repeated for convenience).

For more details on the US specifically, please see US Manufacturing ISM Contracts for First Time in Three Years; New Orders and Prices Plunge; Perfect Miss: 0 of 70 Economists Polled By Bloomberg Expected Contraction

Given the nature of Bosh's business, the reported slowdown in that business, and a plunging collapse in new manufacturing orders virtually everywhere, a collapse in global automobile sales is coming. Perhaps there is one more channel-stuffing rise in sales coming up in the US (sales are reported when cars are delivered to dealers, not when consumers buy them), but if so, it will be the last big hurrah.

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