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Friday, July 20, 2012

Market-Rigging and Price-Fixing by private banks and Policymakers like the FED are destroying the Middle Class and the Economy!

Editor's Note: The following is an excellent article that goes into some detail that markets and the Global economies are all rigged from the top down. Though some private banks like Barclays have been in the limelight for the LIBOR rigging scandal, the fact of the matter is that there is nothing that is not rigged. The Stock Markets are rigged, the Credit markets are rigged, Currency markets are rigged, the Gold and Silver, and commodities markets are rigged, the Oil and energy markets are rigged. Like oil rigs spanning the Texan landscape as far as the eye can see, every financial and market instrument and policy is a fraud, a rig that benefits the very few at the expense of the majority. Except for the riggers, everyone else in the whole world is a victim of this State sanctioned fraud. This is a Class war of the HAVES against the HAVE-LESS and HAVE-NOTs. The HAVE-NOTs have nothing to lose, so the biggest losers in this war are the HAVE-LESS, which are the world's Middle Class. As I have written many times in the past, and many others have confirmed, the American Middle Class and the Global Middle Class is being systematically destroyed. The epitaph for the Middle Class is being written in every policy of rigging such as ZIRP that is robbing them of their wealth by stealth. This process is accelerating and it won't be long before the Middle is gone forever, and all that's left are the HAVE EVERYTHINGs and the HAVE NOTHINGs. 

07/19/12 Laguna Beach, California – “Markets are so rigged by policymakers that I have no meaningful insights to offer.”
That’s what Nomura International’s Investment Strategist, Bob Janjuah, griped five months ago. Since then, policymakers have stepped up their market-rigging, while new revelations of past market-rigging have also come to light.
It’s starting to feel like the financial markets are all rigging and no ship.
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