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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Manitoba highway closed due to Giant 600 feet across Sinkhole

Manitoba highway closed due to craterHoley-moley: a portion of road along Manitoba's Highway 83 collapsed this past weekend, leaving behind a200-metre (650-foot) wide crater.    

The highway runs between the communities of Russell and Roblin, and is often used, too, by campers heading out to Asessippi Provincial Park.

Karen Goraluk, who runs the park's beach and campground, told the CBC July 3 that parts of the crater were close to five metres (16 feet) deep. That same morning, two hours later, the road sunk another two metres, she said.

The highway has been plagued by erosion problems for the past few years, caused by a bevy of underground springs in the area.

Road crews were applying their typical fix, paving and filling the highway, every day last week, said Goraluk. The highway was closed Sunday when it became impassable.

Goraluk suggests travelers find a detour route before heading to the park. Good advice.

200-metre sinkhole disrupts traffic to park

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