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Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Economic News for a change! ECB to rescue Europe (again)! Except it doesn't have any money!

Editor's Note: How many times does the same scratchy record need to be replayed before people realize that the issue is not to CALM THE MARKETS. If the only way markets can be calmed is by Central banks creating near infinite amounts of money out of thin air, then there is NO MARKET worth saving, nor is it possible to save such markets. In the process of saving 'THE MARKET' whole nations and billions of people will be sacrificed. The better alternative is to sacrifice a few billionaires and save the people not the market. It is the LIARS in the media that do not explain the issues clearly to the people but keeps them confused, so they do not understand what is in their best interest until it is too late! When forced Austerity drives people into poverty, as in Greece and Spain, they do wake up but once again when it is too late. Will people in America and Germany and the UK and Canada ever wake up and realize that what is happening to Greece, Ireland, Spain and other nations will happen to them as well? I'm sure they will wake up, but sadly like the Greeks who did not wake up as long as the Ouzo was flowing, and like the Spaniards who did not wake up as along as the Sangria was flowing, neither will the Americans wake up as long as the beer is flowing, and there are a dozen football games every Sunday on TV! The ECB cannot possibly save Europe with its fake money; neither can the Fed save the USA with its monopoly money; it's all over except for the singing! And I can see the fat lady warming up already and read to take center stage; can you?
July 27 - The ECB may try to calm the euro zone debt crisis by boosting liquidity with cheap 5-year loans to banks, says City Index Chief Strategist Ashraf Laidi.

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