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Friday, July 20, 2012

Economic Collapse Update 072012 - Coming Police State, Martial Law, Depopulation, and New World Order

Transcript of Video Report

Yesterday I posted an article titled WHEN SLAVES REVOLT about a deadly protest by factory workers at a Suzuki auto plant in India. Today I posted an article titled MARKET RIGGING IS DESTROYING THE MIDDLE CLASS; my conclusion from this article was that through the very deliberate and carefully thought out policies of governments and corporate / banking leaders across the entire world, the world is headed in an irreversible direction in which there will be only two classes; the HAVE EVERYTHINGs and the HAVE-NOTs, there will be no Middle Class. There is a very deliberate war being raged against the Middle Class through policies such as very low interest or zero percent interest rates by Central banks like the Fed; such policies stealthily transfer wealth from the Middle Class to the Ultra Rich who control Wall Street and mega Banking houses, mainly in America and Europe. It is unlikely that the Middle Class will silently accept extreme poverty after getting used to a lifestyle of ipads, multiple flat screen TVs, 4 bathroom homes, and granite countered kitchens; therefore the only possible outcome is that the majority of the present day Middle Class will be destroyed, not just economically but also physically. 

Spain is but a preview of that which is coming to rest of the developed world, including America. As these protests turn into revolts, and revolts become revolutions, look for an iron-fisted response from the so-called Authorities to crush these protests and revolts. Yesterday police fired rubber bullets into the crowd in Madrid, how long before lead replaces rubber, and protests become massacres? Think it cannot happen, think again, the only certainty is that it must happen! The only reality is that the coming Global Economic Collapse will be the end of the world as we know it, and also the end of life for multitudes across the Globe, particularly that of the Middle Class and the Poor. Watch most of the developed nations in Western Europe, and The US / Canada, and Australia / NZ become tightly controlled Police States with no citizens rights. Along with banking policies that have been instrumental in destroying the once vibrant Western Middle Class, the rights of Western citizens have been slowly legislated away; the State, as in the former Soviet Union, has made itself All Powerful! A Technological Police State, unlike any that Orwell could visualize already exists to a great extent in the US / UK, and to a lesser extent in the rest of Western Europe, and other developed world countries like Canada and Australia. The legislations that make a Police State possible have been passed into law in America and most other developed nations. The hardware that is needed by Police Forces to make them indistinguishable from the Armed Forces has been provided to them, especially in the US. For evidence that this is indeed the case, read my recent article titled, BATTLEFIELD USA: PENTAGON ARMS POLICE WITH FREE HEAVY WEAPONRYAll these preparations, the legislation and the militarization of domestic Police Forces, has not happened by accident, it has been deliberately planned and executed, as have the policies and frauds like interest rate rigging that will decimate the Global Economy in the very near future. There is no corner of the Globe that will escape unscathed from this coming War on the Middle Class, and the Poor class. Yet it is the Middle Class of America, above all, that is responsible for their own destruction and that of their counterparts across the world. They chose a life of comfort and mindless entertainment over guarding their hard fought freedoms and rights. Rather than export their ideals of Freedom, Equality and Justice to the rest of the world, they have exported the debaucheries of Hollywood and pornography, and of every perversion known to man to the rest of the world. As history has shown time and again, sexual perversions, mindless sports and entertainment, and a population given over to a life of decadence and hedonism are the warning signs that precede every society on the verge of Collapse. So the Collapse that is coming will not be an Economic one only, it will destroy present day society, and will truly be the end of the world as we know it today. I would venture to say that the world of 2025 will be as different from the world of today as the world of the deep Amazon tribes is from the world of present day New York City. I do not believe my conclusions are hypothetical; I believe they are inescapable. At the very least I would suggest moving away from major urban areas, for they will be death traps in the coming days, months and years. 

In the developing world, or what used to be known as the third world, the process will play out a bit differently. Massive protests by Slave Laborers in China and India are a daily occurrence, as for example the case of the Suzuki plant riot in India. And as food commodity prices are sent sky-high by greedy commodities traders, and as oil once again marches higher in price, the nearly billion or so very poor in China and India, and in Africa will pay the price first. What the billions face in the third world (and China and India, for the most part, are still third world nations) will be mass starvation. Before they starve, the masses of the destitute poor may rise up and attempt to overthrow their oppressors. As in the former Soviet Union, and in Red China, these protests will be met with force, not that of Police forces as in the West but by the military itself. As in the past, tens of millions of their own citizens were killed by the military, history will repeat itself, except this time around the genocide will be in the hundreds of millions not tens of millions, at least in China and India. Again these are not hypothetical outcomes; these are inescapable outcomes of the deliberate policies of the policymakers. Globalization has ensured that when the Global Economy Collapse, the Global population reduction agenda will swing into full force and billions will lose their lives before the dust settles. The plan and the outcome have been in place for decades, if not longer, what we are witnessing today is the execution of these plans. This is the real reason why Global Economic movers and shakers like the Fed and the ECB will not change their low interest / zero interest rate policies knowing full well that they spell the death not just of the US / European Economy but that of the Global Economy. History has shown time and again that Economic Collapses are always followed by War; between nations, and civil wars within nations. Since the Collapse that is building up is of a magnitude never before witnessed in history, so too must the wars that will follow. Therefore my conclusion that billions will perish in the coming decades is also inescapable; this means that I myself may not escape with my life in the time that is fast approaching! Therefore I think it is time to set our priorities aright, and face the ultimate fact that we are MORTALS, no matter what we do, we must face the ultimate enemy of man, which is death, not The New World Order! Is this an enemy that we can overcome or do we need someone that has the power to overcome death on our behalf? I know that I have no power over death, but I also know someone that does; that someone is Jesus Christ, the ultimate conqueror who conquered the greatest enemy in the history of Creation, namely death. I will not face death without Him, but with Him I have no fear in facing death. Let the Powers that be play their deadly games, I will believe in Him who has the power not to kill but to give life; who has the power not to take life but the power to raise the dead back to life! 

Some people take offense that I include what they perceive to be religious ideologies in my videos and writings. However, the question is not one of religion but one of Mortality. In the Economic realm, most people live with the Ostrich Syndrome, as long as their lives are comfortable, they do not believe that anything disastrous can ever happen to evict them from their comfort zone. Yet as millions have found out in America, and all over the world, their comfortable beer and TV lives can be disrupted and destroyed without a moment's notice, and try as they might, millions will never find that comfort zone again, they will be unemployed and homeless for the rest of their lives. So too it is with the question of Mortality; the living, especially in younger days, rarely confront the fact of their own certain departure from this world. Because they suffer from the Ostrich Syndrome, possibly more in this regards than any other, the vast majority fail to prepare for this eventuality just as they fail to prepare for pending Economic Doom. The subject of Mortality is a complex one, more complex than any fraudulent Derivatives scheme cooked up by the Banksters. Derivatives schemes may be harmful to our temporary earthly well-being but the Mortality problem is fatal for our eternal existence. Just as derivatives are complex, and few if any, actually understand them, so too is the Mortality question. Therefore please do not expect 30 second answers to this most vital of all questions that man needs to have answered. However, I can assure you that the answers do exist, and those who sincerely seek, will find the answers. It has taken me some 30 odd years to satisfactorily understand Life and Death, to understand my own existence; I understand why we are Mortals and what is the antidote to our Mortality? The operative word in my previous statement is UNDERSTAND; I understand logically the answer to the question of Mortality, it is not mere blind faith that drives me. And I can help those who themselves are embarking on the journey of attempting to understand the dilemma of their Mortality by guiding them into the answers that I have found. 

I pray that all who hear my words will take a step back and ponder their life beyond this life, that is the question to which we all need the answer, not the minor question of the coming Global Economic Collapse and its temporary implications!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 8 Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God; 9 Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, 10  But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:

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