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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Airport shuttle bus with Israeli tourists explodes in Bulgaria

At least seven Israeli citizens have died and 25 have been injured after their airport shuttle bus exploded in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, according to local media. An eyewitness said that one of the buses carrying the Israelis across terminals in the airport blew up. Two other buses subsequently caught on fire. Ten fire trucks are fighting the blaze. According to Bulgarian media, at least 25 people have been hospitalized, some of them in critical condition. The country's president, vice president and minister of interior affairs have arrived at the site. 
Image from twitter/@einfal
Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov told local media the explosives were placed in the trunk of the bus.  Earlier, some people who witnessed the explosion claimed it happened immediately after someone climbed on board. Israel's Haaretz daily says rescue services from the country are en route to Bulgaria. The airport in Burgas has been closed, and all flights are being redirected to Varna. Exactly 18 years ago to the day, far-right political organization Hezbollah targeted the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. As a result, 86 people died in the blast on July 18th 1994.  

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  1. This is not really apocalypse. This is just a mere act of terrorism that everything affects, I feel bad for such especially to the commuters and for the airport shuttle business.